Biorepository Technical Administrator

BiTA, A Qualifying Examination to Evaluate
the Competence of Biorepository Personnel
CIBER has started qualification program of “Biorepository Technology Administrator” as a qualification for personnel working in biobanks, bioresource centers, and other facilities. The operations of biobanks and bioresource centers involve a wide range of specialized fields, including the processing of a wide variety of specimens, quality control, data generation and management, quality control for storage, research consultation, and so on. The responsibilities of these facilities as a research infrastructure are increasing, and biospecimen handling techniques and facility management based on international standards are now required.
The “BiTA” qualification program is designed to train technicians and facility managers with expertise in handling biospecimens and facility management in accordance with international standards. This qualification will serve not only as proof of competence as a technician with specialized knowledge and skills in the field of biorepository, but also as proof of competence of the facility.
The “BiTA” qualification program is developed on the model of ISBER’s Qualification in Biorepository Science (QBRS). CIBER will further strengthen its collaboration with ISBER and other related societies and organizations, and strive to serve as a requirement for biobank accreditation and various guidelines.
ISBER Qualification in Biorepository Science (QBRS)
Qualification BiTA
Concept & Rationale Personnel comptence is required for biobanking operation
Examination Scope
  1. Specimen/Data handling
  2. Sample/Data inventory management and quality control
  3. Safety & Infection control
  4. Risk management & Quality Management System (QMS) (Basic)
  5. Current Issues (including laws, regulations, ethics, standardization)
Credential Maintenance Program every 3 year
Fee as of Aug. 2022 JPY 22,000
Examination Duration 90 minutes
Format Online
Language Japanese