”Strategic Bio-banking and Innovation in Medicine”

Date:   2018 Sep.7 Fri. 12:30~17:00

Makuhari Messe
International Conventional Hall
Conference Room 304

Installation of bio-banking facilities is on progress especially in the major medical research centers, and the accumulation of bio specimen and associated data has been started. From now on, there will be a high expectation for the access to the samples and data, and their utilization by the researchers including industrial developers. In this forum, new ideas of activating bio-banking business models will be introduced and shared by the speakers. Bio-banking will not be successful without the cooperation between academia, government, and industries. Participation of stakeholders are greatly welcome.

Chair Dr. Hiroki Nakae    JMAC/CIBER
Dr. Hiroyuki Kobayashi  AxceleadDrug Discovery Partners Inc./CIBER

Time Title Speaker Affiliation
12:00 Door Open
12:30-12:35 Opening Address
12:35-12:50 Strategic biobanking at the global standard level Dr. Hiroki Nakae
Dr. Hiroyuki Kobayashi
Axcelead Drug Discovery Partners Inc./CIBER
12:50-13:20 Ultra low-cost cell-preservation method created by using antifreeze protein Prof.Sakae Tsuda National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)/ Faculty of Life Science, Hokkaido University(HU)
13:20-13:50 Utilization of unmanned aerial vehicles Dr. Takuma Sadamori Department of Emergency and Critical Care Medicine, Hiroshima University
13:50-14:20 Japanese genome reference standards for better biobanking Dr. Yasunari Yamanaka RIKEN/CIBER
14:20-14:40 Break _ _
14:40-15:10 How to use Biobanks in In-vitro Diagnostic R&D Mr. Hiroyuki Uchiyama JACRI/Nissui Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd/CIBER
15:10-15:40 Pre-competitive collaborations for acceleration of industrial application of Human Microbiome Research Dr. Jun Terauchi Japan Microbiome Consortium/
Ono Pharmaceutical Co.Ltd.
15:40-16:10 Establishment of plasma metabolome and proteome database in human for the promising drug development Dr. Tomohiro Andou Axcelead Drug Discovery Partners Inc., Research Division, Integrated Biology, Platform Technology
16:10-16:25 Introduction of CIBER Dr. Koh Furuta Kanagawa Cancer Center/CIBER
16:25-16:55 Panel Discussion
16:55-17:00 Closing Remarks Dr. Hiroyuki Kobayashi
Axcelead Drug Discovery Partners Inc./ CIBER
Japan Multiplex bio-Analysis Consortium (JMAC)
Council for Industrial use of Biological and Environmental Repositories (CIBER)
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