The 2nd CIBER Webinar
Covid-19 research and biobanking activities across the globe

開催趣旨 Introduction


At the 1st Webinar, we shared the current status of COVID-19 collection and research and development at biobanks in Japan, and were able to deepen our consideration of how to proceed with future research and development through lively discussions. At the 2nd Webinar, we will focus on the activities of overseas biobanks. Speakers from Europe, Australia and China will introduce their biobanking activities. Also, in the corporate seminars, the new technology and tools will be introduced to support and contribute to overall bio-research. We look forward to the participation of biobanks, virus/genome analysis researchers, and companies!

日時 2020年11月13日(金) 17時00分~19時00分
Date & Time November 13, 2020, Friday 17:00~19:00 (Japan Standard Time)
Web 会議システム(zoom ウェビナー)
Format Zoom Webinar
参加者 500名まで(参加者は先着順とさせていただきます)
Participation Up to 500
参加費 無料
Registration Fee Free
November 11, 2020, 18:00 (Japan Standard Time)

プログラム Program

ファシリテーター: 中江裕樹
特定非営利活動法人 バイオ計測技術コンソーシアム(JMAC)事務局長/
Facilitator: Dr. Hiroki Nakae, JMAC & CIBER
演者 Speaker
内容 Topic
イルミナ株式会社 営業本部技術営業部
協賛セミナー Corporate Seminar
Takafumi Kobayashi, PhD
Senior Applied Genomics Specialist, APJ
sales specialist team, Illumina
The benefit of NGS-based genome analysis on combating COVID-19
Dr. Stefano Ongarello,
Head of Data Services &
Biobanking at FIND
A COVID-19 biobank network to support the development and validation of diagnostics
高木 智史氏
協賛セミナー Corporate Seminar


Mr. Satoshi Takagi, CEO, Bio-xcelerator, Partner of BC Platforms New Covid19 Diagnostics by Breath Omics and DWH
at Tohoku University
Dr. Xun Xu
China National Genebank
Biobanking and Covid-19 Research at BGI, China
協賛セミナー Corporate Seminar
Mr. Yosuke Matsumoto, Mr. Yoshitaka Hirohata
Summit Pharmaceauticals International Corporation
COVID-19 research acceleration by whole blood culture device and characteristic analysis of immune response
Dr. Daniel Catchpoole,
ISBER President,
The Tumour Bank, The Children’s
Hospital at Westmead (Australia)
Waiting for the tidal wave: Biobanking for COVID19 research ‘Down Under’
総合討論 Discussion

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演者 Speakers

Dr. Stefano Ongarello,
Head of Data Services & Biobanking at FIND

Dr Stefano Ongarello leads the Data Services and Biobanking team at FIND, overseeing all activities relating to data science, statistical analysis and support for clinical trials, and data collection and management. He is also responsible for the FIND biobank, including the supervision of sample collection and distribution, and the organization’s virtual biobank platform.
Prior to this position, he focused on data science for pharmaceutical development, in particular the development and implementation of personalized medicine in oncology through statistical analysis and machine learning.
He received a MD in Computer Science, and a PhD in Bioengineering, both from the University of Padova, Italy.

Dr. Daniel Catchpoole,
ISBER President,
The Tumour Bank, The Children’s Hospital at Westmead (Australia)

Associate Professor Dan Catchpoole is Head of the Tumour Bank at The Children’s Hospital at Westmead, Sydney Australia and is the current President of The International Society for Biological and Environmental Repositories. A cancer cell biology specialist A/Prof Catchpoole has lead a rare disease biobanking focussing on childhood cancer. His biobank has become one of the premier biobanking facilities in Australia that has supported over 100 international projects into pediatric malignancy. A/Prof Catchpoole is one of the founding members of the Australasian Biospecimens Network Association. His research interest focus on the panomic assessment of childhood cancer to facilitate personalised medicine that will lead to improved treatment certainty for clinicians.
(Youtube Introduction:

Dr. Xun Xu,
China National Genebank

Dr. Xun Xu is the chief executive officer of the global genomics organization BGI, president and chief scientist of BGI-Research. Dr. Xu is also nominated as Vice-Chairman of International Organization for Standardization/Biotechnology Committee (ISO/TC276), and Director-at-Large-China of International Society for Biological and Environmental Repositories (ISBER). His research focuses on the genetic sequencing technologies, single-cell sequencing, DNA synthesizer and the applications of sequencing technologies in disease management and agriculture. He has authored or co-authored 223 scientific papers published in top peer-reviewed journals listed in SCI including Nature, Science, and Cell. Dr. Xu has led 15 major national scientific research projects and several international projects, including China National 863 Sequencing Instrument Development Project and Million Microbiome of Humans Project (MMHP).

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